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The history of CeMEDIa

The name CeMEDIa (Central European Media Workshop) takes back to 2001 when Csanad Darvas set up an animation service company together with his brother Ben, with the aim of bringing jobs to Eastern Europe, which had a long-time tradition in handmade animation (and with the hope that they'd be able to produce thier own content later on).

CeMEDIA formed a superstudio consisting of 18 animation studios capable of producing more than 400 minutes of hand-drawn animation per month.


After realising that the era of hand-drawn animation production was over in Europe, Csanad went on with transforming CeMEDIA into a general film production company. With new partners: Thierry Hugot and Miklos Havas, they provided production consultancy for such companies as the (then-independent) Zentropa from Denmark. Thierry soon headed to Eurimages, while Miklos and Csanad stayed and started producing short films.

In the following years they gathered experience with genres, directors, forms of finances, and crews. They have also found out that they would like to work in different companies. Miklos and Csanad produced seven short films together.

Miklos Havas founded his own company called Habana Media in 2009. Miki and Csanad stayed good friends and still work together sometime.